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Christopher Kiblin has been married to his beautiful wife Debbie for over 25 years and has 2 sons Alex and Brice. Christopher knew at a young age that he wanted to be successful in life from a very early age in his childhood. Christopher started working at the age of 11 while most of his other friends were out playing. Christopher had a lot up's in downs in his life, he struggled in school and was even in a special needs class for English, and to think he has now written a book. He had tough childhood with his parents divorcing at the age 1 and all honesty he could of very well went down the wrong path. After high school Christopher joined the ARMY to get the discipline he needed. He did not want to grow up and he knew he needed a kick in the butt. After getting out of the ARMY he married Debbie the love of his life. It was very tough in the first few years he struggled but then he had his first son Alex which changed his world. Having Alex really changed their marriage it brought them closer together and made life worth living. Christopher put his business life on hold while he raised Alex and Brice. It was not until he was 45 years old that he hit rock bottom and decided to change who he was. Christopher went from being a bottom feeder loan officer to being in the Top 1% of all loan officers in the country. Christopher wrote his book to help others who may be struggling to change their life to be better and do it in 30 days. It is all about mindset says Christopher if you want it bad enough you will make it happen.  Attack The Day or The Day Will Attack You.


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